Thursday Door’s 5/52: Nº418

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While birding last Saturday I saw this door, and cottage and had to stop

to take a photo.  I really like the shape of this door, and the color. Next to red doors, blue is one of my all time favorite colors for doors.

Nº 418 Thursday Doors

I love this roof line and 3 gables.

Nº 418 Thursday Doors

This is part of Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door’s. Click here to see all the doors posted this week.

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…

18 thoughts on “Thursday Door’s 5/52: Nº418

  1. These are some of my favorite kinda houses, the brick with the gables, stone or gingerbread or cedar siding…love how quaint and friendly they feel. I love an arched doorway 🙂

  2. I love arched doors and I keep flitting between red and blue as my favorite colors. Right now, I’m going with blue. I really like the arched entrance on the side walk as well.

    1. Thanks Dan! Red, blue, and glass are at the top of my list too, and depending on the door could be my favorite at the moment.
      I really liked the way they tied in another arched doorway to the house with the side one too.
      I also like how they kept the theme of brick going into the yard by adding the brick border around their walkway, and planter box. I think it so cute.

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