Annual Good Luck Dinner

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 I adopted He-Man’s family traditional New Years Day Good Luck Dinner in our 1st year of marriage. He had me get the recipe from his Mom.

Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage, and Saurkraut. Since we married amost 35 years ago I’ve made this on New Years Day except one. That year we were in Mexico and had their traditional eat 12 grapes in one minute before all the 12 chimes finished at midnight. I did not finish. That was hard! The grapes had seeds!

Tomorrow I am getting up at 4am and going to Yosemite with Dear Friends for our almost annual New Years trip so I have our New Years Good Luck Dinner cooking on low in the crockpot tonight. I will be having a hot dog and Saurkraut for breakfast before I leave at O’Dark Thirty. I can’t imagine starting a new year without  this meal now.

What do you eat on New Years Day?


More to come…

22 thoughts on “Annual Good Luck Dinner

  1. I love this!
    ( I just made my own saurkraut! For the first time in my Life I ferment vegetables! )
    Happy new year from Sweden!

    1. Oh wow, that sounds like work! I’ve looked at how the Chinese make Kim-chee, but never sauerkraut before. I bet your home-made was better than the glass jar kind I bought in my grocery store.
      Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for the comment and visit too!

  2. Nice! Did not know about this kind of good luck dinner. Yum. I don’t do any but my Italian aunt usually has lentils because it’s considered good luck in Italy and will make you rich! In Spain people eat 12 grapes with each dong at midnight, but I forgot and didn’t have any grapes handy in London this year. The only constant for me is that I eat cake. 🙂

  3. That looks good 🙂

    Our tradition is on New Year’s Eve. We have fondue. This started about thirty years ago after a NYE when my wife and I both got food poisoning. We decided to ring in future New Years without meat.

    Enjoy the photo shoot. I’m looking forward to the results.

    1. Fondue! I haven’t made it in several years. Veggies, and fruit fondue is what you guys do? Do you make your own fondue cheese or buy the ready to heat at Trader Joe’s or somewhere else? I like Trader Joe’s the best.

          1. I can say this. It’s not hard. I actually “make” it. My wife cuts the bread. Wine, cheese, a little garlic, a little lemon and a splash of Kirsh to help it all blend. Stir stir stir. Actually stir sip stir sip stir sip 🙂

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