MM2 25/52: Chasing Ligthning

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Several weeks back several photographer friends and I spent the week-end in Lassen National Park hoping to making images of the Night Sky. Unfortunately, as the shadows of the day grew longer the clouds got thicker. They made the sunset lovely, but foiled are hopes of night imaging.

We photographed the Sunset at Lake Helen image here  then we walked back to the car and on the way we saw Lightning! That’s a BIG DEAL for me and my friends because, we rarely see lightning where we live in the San Francisco Bay Area. It wasn’t bolt to the ground, or is it ground to sky lightning bolts? It was the type Eric our mid-westerner in the group called “cloud to cloud” lightning.

It was behind the mountains and lighting up the clouds so, instead of packing up we set up to photograph the lightning.

After 10 minutes or so shooting it we decided to get higher to see if we could see Bolts and try to capture that.

It was quite dark by now, and we still hadn’t seen any Bolts, just the sky lighting up. This image is one image I made of the sky being lit up by a strike of Lightning.

Chasing Lightning in Lassen National Park

While we were shooting the rain started, so we packed up and moved to the other side of the lake hoping to get in a few more images since it was only sprinkling.

Lightning Summit Lake Lassen National Park

I had just got set up to start shooting when the sky opened up and the rain started pouring down. I managed to get this one image of the sky lighting up from lightning then we packed up and raced to the car all of us and our gear wet, but thrilled to have seen lightning.


Next week my MM2 image will be posted on Leanne’s page, but not on my own until the following week. I’ll be offline next week.

I’ll be back online Sept. 6th, and catching up with all I missed while offline.

If you have time please click over to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness2 post here to see all the images that were shared this week.

More to come…

15 thoughts on “MM2 25/52: Chasing Ligthning

  1. I am eagerly plotting my escape from the midwest, hopefully this year, and I have asked myself what I will miss. Lightening will be one, for sure. I do love a good storm…although lately when we do get them they are more violent than they used to be and can be quite scary. So glad you got to enjoy one!

      1. Good thinking. I console my daughter, who will be coming with me, that (hopefully, anyway) she’ll be able to see snow on the mountains and if need be I can drive her to where there is some 🙂

        1. One nice thing about the area you’ve spoken about moving to is that the sea and mountains are within driving distance so quick get-aways are doable.

          P.S. I still haven’t got my land-legs. I feel as if I’m gently rocking and sailing along as if I were still on board the ship! Wonder how long this sensation will last? 🙂

  2. Such stunning shots, and I humbly think b&w makes it even more so.
    Hope you enjoy time offline (it’s always great to get away, don’t you agree?), and I’ll look forward to seeing more photos hopefully later 🙂

    Best wishes,

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