8 thoughts on “Men at Work 

  1. I really enjoyed this post and cannot wait to see the finished stamped sidewalks. This is fascinating and do understand your He-Man not “seeing” the big picture, so to speak.

    1. I’m so glad you appreciate this image! I waited and waited until all their heads were down in sync! Some of the guys didn’t want their picture taken. I can relate! I am more comfortable behind the camera myself. I’ll have follow up images. Jim… the owner of the company I used says, ” once it’s sealed it will really be pretty!” I’m making images even in its ugly stage which I’ll show too!

    1. They really are! They’re nearly finished stamping the pattern on. They’re going to build us a bridge so we can get in and out then I’ll go out and take pictures from the street to share.

      He-Man is really pleased! He couldn’t quite “see” it from the little sample picture of the pattern we had, and the tiny thumbnail chips of color. He say’s I did good! 🙂

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