Our Work Has Been Stolen

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iPhone Photographer | David Pasillas

I think I always knew this was going to happen. In fact, I caught someone a few years ago that had stolen one of my iphone photos and was distributing it to people that wanted to create composites. I wasn’t too upset about that because it wasn’t a great photo, and it probably wouldn’t have been used for anything since it was heavily edited. At any rate, a simple cease and desist worked.

This recent discovery is much more upsetting. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole that myself and other artists have been delving into the last few days. At first it looked like another poster website selling photographs that didn’t belong to them. A bit of research has lead us to believe its much worse.

I actually found some of your work on their site too. I’ll mention the names in a minute, but I honestly don’t want…

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5 thoughts on “Our Work Has Been Stolen

    1. It’s a shame! I’ve had it happen to me before. Thankfully a take-down letter worked, once, and another time it was completely ignored.

      Unfortunately, I found several images of mine on this site!

      Big Baby Boy is out of town this week, but when he gets back I’m going to seek his advice and ask him to write up a take-down letter for me.

      I wish we had a disable right click feature to make it a little harder, and more work to steal work. I do realize computer savvy data thieves know how to get around that, but I’m all in for making it harder to get.

      1. I’ve resisted that too. I put reduced resolution images on my blog, but the full res versions are on Flickr. Every now and then, I see a spike in views over there that make me think someone harvested everything, but I don’t know what you can really do. Even a reduced resolution version these days is enough to make a good looking small print.

        1. I too post small images on the blog and flickr. 600px on the longest side. That way if someone does steal it they only can print a 4x6in. image. Sometimes if I’ve cropped in the image would be even smaller. Plus I add the distracting copyright/watermark. That would be a bit more work for a thief to remove too, so I like to think they’d pass on my images and look for something better w/o a watermark.

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