In the Rose Garden

The roses are at peak right now. I spent a little while making macro images before it got too hot this morning.

My rig with my macro rail and two images in the garden using my cell phone.
More to come…

Addendum: I have given the links to the 4-Way Macro Rail, Quick Release Plate, and Quick Release Clamp on an earlier blog post here.  I am not an affiliate of any of the Vendors I have links to. I provided the links for reference, and to share the information of what I’m using.

11 thoughts on “In the Rose Garden

    1. Thank you Melissa! Yes, it’s bit of a beast. I use it to make macro images. I am able to move forward or backward in tiny movements to achieve focus and keep the camera stable. I’ll also be learning more about focus stacking and using the rails for that too.

  1. Gorgeous shots. I’ve never tried macro photography but I can appreciate the effort that goes into it. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Tom! I’ve never shot the Horse Races or Dressage though I’ve wanted to. I don’t think with just one outing I would have as many wonderful, and stunning images as you get. You have definitely honed your craft! I bow to your expertise. Tu est tres superior que moi avec les chevaux! Pardon mes errors stp! Sigh. Nearly 15 yrs of French study, lessons and yet I’m still not fluent! I’m hopeless!

      1. LOL Mon français est le français québécois, si jamais vous soucier.
        Thank you. Maybe one day we can trade. You show me how to shoot macro and I’ll show you horses!
        I’ll tell you one trick. Focus your eye only on the front hooves. You’ll always know whats about to happen.
        Though I get a lot of strange looks when the riders come up to me afterward and ask if I got any shots of them. My response being, “What did your horse’s legs look like?” 😀

    1. Thank you Dan! See what I mean about it being big, and heavy? I had to pack two bags today for the all the gear I took. 😦 I went Birding prior to the Rose Garden. I’m really liking how much easier it is to get a macro shot though so I guess I won’t complain too much about the weight.

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