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Copyright ©2015 Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Golden Gate Bridge after Dark from Battery SpenserThis is the view from Battery Spenser in the Marin Headlands looking south at the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco’s skyline sparkling like jewels in the night.

Nikon Df| AF-D Nikkor 28-1-5mm Micro lens| Tripod| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film



  1. fantastic shot Deborah- the contrasts are great in mono!

  2. I also wonder about the dark band on the right. That notwithstanding, oozing with elegance! Congrats Deborah!

    • Okay. So two of favorite and very talented Photographers have noted the vignette on the right.Obliviously I didn’t burn it in right so your eye is moved to the bridge and not notice that I did that with the burning on the edge. I’ll go back and fine tune that.
      I don’t want the discerning eyes to catch it like you have. Oh no…I want you to get it, but with understanding and a shaking of the head and no word about the vignette! Really I don’t want you to know it’s there…but it is! 🙂

  3. I like the photo, but why the darkness on the right hand side?

    • Thank you so much Robert! I added that vignette on the right to pull your eye to the bridge and not stray to the edge of the frame there. Perhaps I didn’t do too well with transition if you’re noticing it. I can soften it. Think I should?

  4. That is stunning !

    • Oh Dan, you’re too kind! I’ll float for days on this comment. Stunning! I love that you think so. Thank you!!

  5. Lovely shot and tones

    • Thank you so much Harold! I’m trying to find my “look/recipe” for Black and White/Monochrome images. It’s not easy! I’ll keep on trying to find my “signature look” though. Thanks for your encouragement and support. I really appreciate it.

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