My Top 20 Images of 2014

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I’ve been going through my 2014 images picking my favorites. As usual I shot several different genres like, Birds, Landscapes, Night skyscapes, Macro, Food, Products, Flowers, and a few portraits. There are more product and still-life images in my 2014 body of work as I had set a goal for myself to improve my skills with my Speedlights, and Light Modifiers. Using my Speedlights has become a lot easier, and I think I’m getting better at knowing how to place them to get the shot I want. I plan to continue working with them, as I’ve found I really enjoy Food and Product Photography.

I’ve narrowed my favorites down to 50 images then whittled those down to these Top 20. It wasn’t easy as I’ve left out some I do really like.

I hope you enjoy the images a second time if you’ve seen them already, and if you’re just finding me I hope you like what you see here. Without further ado here are my Top 20 in no particular order:

Sunrise at Mesa Arch

August SuperMoon over the Giant Dipper Santa Cruz CA

Brewer's Blackbird Male

Bridge to the Stars

Fuschia Blossoms

P 52 14 of 52 Tunnel View Golden Hour

Moon over City Hall San Jose California

P52 43 of 52 Partial Solar Eclipse

P52 20 of 52 Ursa Major"Big Dipper" over Yosemite National Park

"Madison" Rose Gold Watch by Michael Kors

Catch of the Day

Daybreak Santa Clara Valley

Black Turnstone

14.Life is an adventure take risks

Totality Lunar Eclipse October 8, 2014

Egg-mergenency Room

P 10 of 52  No 2 Copas 2011

P52 45 of 52 Camellia Dew Drops

"Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day

Dejeuner Chez Moi

Thank you all for your comments, and support this past year, and especially to my dear friends whom I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, and shoot with this past year.

Here’s hoping we all make the images we envision in 2015!

More to come…

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