P52 42/52 Lee Vining Creek

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I’m back! I had a lovely 4 days in the Eastern Sierras with friends, Rainey, Rene, Nik, and Jonathan. We got lucky and went when the color was peaking in the spots we visited. I have quite a few images I like from the trip that I’m still rating and tagging, but here’s one image I made yesterday at Lee Vining Creek. It was so nice to see the creeks, and streams with water. All the creeks near my home are bone dry!

P52 42 of 52 Lee Vining Creek

I made this image with my new camera: The Nikon Df. I’ve been saving for it since I rented one back in February.

Nikon Df with Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 mounted

I used it for 4 full days of shooting and it performed very well in daylight, and low light. I love how light it is compared to my D700.

Right now I only have two complaints:

1) Nikon did not provide a LCD screen protector with it, so I need to get one STAT!

2) The battery drained too quickly when shooting the last morning in 26º ambient temps. I’ll have to get a 3rd battery soon.

Other than those two complaints I’m happy with the camera. I hope we have many good years together.

As of now my D300s will either be passed down or possibly sold, and my D700 will be my back-up/second camera.

Image 1) Nikon Df| Nikkor 17-35mm w/B+W 6 stop ND filter

Image 2) Nikon D700| Nikkor 180mm f/2.8D

More to come…

10 thoughts on “P52 42/52 Lee Vining Creek

  1. Deborah,I agree with Dan. It is a really beautiful picture and I like the composition.

    I trust you are going to enjoy the Df thoroughly!

  2. Very nice. Just curious, how much lighter? I think my daughter has a D700 and it is one heavy camera. Not that I want to encourage her to buy another Nikon body, but…

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Dan!

      The Df weighs just less than half of the D700! It feels so light I’m nearly knocking myself out slapping my face when I lift it to my eye. I’m so used to the weight of the D700/D300s.

      I gave up the excellent 51pts AF, and 10 pin socket for my cable release, but other than those I’m not feeling like I’ve given up that much.
      Since I manual focus at night anyway the 39 pt AF sys. didn’t cause me any more difficulty than when using my D700.

      The Df with its retro style isn’t for everyone. If lighter is an issue, or a wish then also look at the new D750. It’s on my watch list. My D300s is getting long in the tooth and I’ve wanted a replacement for it for several years now.
      Unfortunately Nikon keeps making cameras that don’t quite have all the features it has in the cropped sensor arena. Canon has though with their newest 7D Mark II. I’m watching/reading reviews on this one too.
      If it is as good as all the early reviews say it is, and Nikon doesn’t answer it with something great to equal or better it I am seriously thinking of replacing my D300s with it and one long lens for wildlife, sports, action imaging.

      1. Dan here are the weight specs:
        D700 weight- 2.19 pounds
        Df weight – 1.6 pounds

        It’s a joy to carry even with the 17-35mm mounted!

        Addendum- The weight of the D750 is just 1.65 pounds. Thought I should include that too. 🙂

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