Just Buzzin’

Copyright © Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

Busy BuzzerI’m not really sure what type of Bee this is. Is it a Bumble Bee, or Bee Fly, or something else? He/she got an early start to the day along with the Honey Bees, and me on this particular morning.

Taken in May 2014.
Nikon D300s| AF-S Nikkor 300mm f4 lens w/Nikkor 14eII 1.4x Teleconverter| Hand-held

2 thoughts on “Just Buzzin’

  1. I get a very similar bee, Xylocopa virginica in my garden. I do not know if it is the same bee but it looks like some type of Carpenter bee of the genus Xylocopa. They are great pollinators and very gentle and shy despite their large size which can frighten some people. Amelia

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