P 10/52 2 Copas

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I’ve been working on the wine bottle shot some more. I changed the wine bottle to one that has wine all the way up to the cork wrap. Oddly enough this bottle doesn’t have a cork though. I was still getting a pretty hard "hot spot" and reflection using the shoot through umbrella, so after days, and many, many frames with only slight improvement I decided to sleep on it. Last night I took the umbrella off and moved my light closer to the white wall to the right of subject and bounced the light to see how that worked. It worked out much better.

I still had a "hot spot" but it was much softer and smaller. I softened it more in post development using the healing brush, and burn tool.

I see I need to invest in a Strip Box. I like this type of photography so it would definitely get used. I’m looking at the Wescot Rapid Box Kit. Does anyone have that kit? If so how do you like it? I would like to have some feedback on strip boxes please.

A note about the wine- We were in a wine club a while ago-one where you received a Red and White each month; this bottle is from the club. I’ve had it in storage. The description reads-
2 Copas 2011 LA MANCHA Denominacion de Origen.
Aromas and flavors of red cherries, raspberry, spices and notes of dark chocolate. 2 Copas is Spanish for 2 wine glasses, which is all you need to enjoy this aromatic and smooth wine. Enjoy 2 copas with a friend, your better half, or a neighbour or even with your mother-in law, but never drink alone, all you need is 2 copas!

I’ll save it for a few more years then share it. 🙂

D700| AF Nikkor 85mm f1.4D @ f5.6| 1/200s| ISO 320| Manual Priority| Matrix Metering| Tripod
Strobist- SB910 camera right high ! 1/4 pwr bounced off white wall, SB 600 camera right front low near subject @ 1/128 pwr background light, flag right of subject to deflect light spill on the label, and white reflector subject left,
Triggered via Commander Mode in Camera

2 thoughts on “P 10/52 2 Copas

  1. Glad you’re making headway with the lighting, I will have to view it later because my connection is so slow the picture hasn’t even loaded. At least with shooting wine if things don’t turn out right you can always have a couple of copas.

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