Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge, and Carquinez Bridge

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I took this impromptu photograph on the way home from a photography Meet-Up this past February. It’s been marinating in my archives forgotten. This was the first time I’d ever photographed this bridge. I hope to get up here again to do a little more exploring.

Looking at the photo brought back memories of shooting the bridge. My Remote Timer’s batteries died, and I didn’t have any spares so I was limited to 30second exposures. I increased the ISO to get a proper exposure. I remember being really thankful for the D700 at that moment.

For the History Buffs-
"The Carquinez Bridge refers to parallel bridges spanning the Carquinez Strait, forming part of Interstate 80 between Crockett and Vallejo, California. The name originally referred to a single cantilever bridge built in 1927, helping to form a direct route between San Francisco and Sacramento. A second parallel cantilever bridge was completed in 1958 to deal with the increased traffic. Later, seismic problems of the 1927 span led to the construction and 2003 opening of a replacement: a suspension bridge officially called the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge. Currently, the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge carries westbound traffic from Vallejo to Crockett, and the 1958 cantilever span carries eastbound traffic. Toll is only charged to eastbound traffic."~ Wiki-Pedia

I’ve lived in the bay area for over 40 years and I never had heard this bridge was really named Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge…It’s always been the Carquinez Br. I wonder how many others in the Bay Area are unaware? You learn something new everyday.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 24-70@28mm| f16| 25 seconds| ISO 640| Manual Priority| Matrix Metering| Tripod

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