Super Low Clouds Foils SuperMoon

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Copyright 2013 Deborah M Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve not had any luck getting the Perigee Moon this year. Last night I went over to my friend Rainey’s and we hoped to shoot the Super-Moon together. We watched the fog get thicker and thicker all night. At 3:45AM we gave up.

Today the sky was overcast all day, but once in awhile there would be a pocket of blue. I hoped I would be able to see the Super-Moon tonight, but as it drew nearer the time to leave for my shooting location the sky was still pretty socked in so I set up my tripod in my backyard just hoping for a small break in the clouds at the right moment.
There was a thin spot in the clouds affording me this view of the Moon. It was faint, and veiled in clouds just above the top of the fence between the trees, and there was Moon glow in the bit of blue sky above the clouds. The sky was a vivid blue and the clouds picked up all the color of the city lights. That at least was pretty.

I hope those of you who tried to get the Super-Moon had better luck than me.

Nikon D700| Nikkor24-70| Singh_Ray Grad ND filter| Tripod

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