House Finch-Female or 1st yr Male?

Via Flickr:
Copyright 2013 Deborah M Zajac. All Rights Reserved

I’m not getting out too much this week, but fortunately there’s been some good backyard birding the last two days.
This is a House Finch. I’m hoping it’s a junvenile or 1st yr Male, but it’s probably a Female looking frazzled.
While holding Jaxon in my lap this afternoon a Black Headed Grosbeak landed on my birdbath for just 10 seconds or so. Jaxon moved and scared it.
This evening I sat outdoors with my camera hoping it would return, but it didn’t.
Instead I saw this Finch and the neighborhood bully Mockingbird in some wonderful Golden light, and the Towhee pair that live nearby and have been daily visitors to my yard and birdbath since early Spring.

I hope the Grosbeak returns tomorrow and I’m ready.

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 300mm F4| Hand-held

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