Woody in Badwater Saloon Death Valley

Via Flickr:
Copyright © 2013 Deborah M Zajac. All Rights Reserved

I had a trip to Crater Lake scheduled since last August, but when I checked the weather forecast it showed rain for 3 of the days I’d be there, so I canceled the reservation, and changed directions and went to Death Valley where it was sunny for 3 days and the temperatures ranged from 87 to high 90’s.
After checking into Stovepipe Wells Hotel we unpacked, then headed for the Saloon for an ice cold Blue Moon and burger. It was really windy out with gusts up to 20mph, so my plans to shoot the sunset at the Mesquite Sand Dunes had to be scrapped. I needed to find a Plan B….To be continued.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 17-35@35mm| f2.8| 1/25s| ISO 640| Manual Priority| Matrix Metering| Hand-held

Death Valley National Park, Badwater Saloon, Woody Artist Manniquin

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