A View of Mission Peak from My Tree

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I hiked up to Mt. Allison yesterday to visit my tree. It was a tough hike. I started out great. I was enjoying the mews of the cows as they woke up, then the wild turkeys joined in and a round of Moo’s and Gobbles made me laugh. I paused to record that on my iPhone and course all both the cows and turkeys went silent. There were a few people going up ahead of me, and a couple of runners passed me. Then I had a sudden thought that I’d popped my trunk and forgot to close it! I was nearly at the mile mark, and 33 minutes up the trail. That nagging feeling would let go so I turned around to go check my trunk.
Of course it was closed! ARG! On the bright side I decided to grab a trekking pole then double checking the trunk and door locks I started back up again.

The hike got tougher from here. My legs started to get stiff so I increased my electrolyte intake, and when I got to the fork in the trail to summit Mission Peak I decided to rest, eat a cheese stick, stretch, and see how my legs felt. My head and heart were into it, my legs …not so much. I looked up the trail to Mission Peak then I looked straight out to the trail to Mt Allison and My Tree which was my intended goal. I could by-pass Mission Peak altogether and save my legs for the uphill trek to Mt Allison so, that’s what I did. 100ft away from my tree…I could see it! My right quad crammed up, and my calves were getting tighter by the minute. I limped up to my tree, ate a protein bar, swallowed more electrolyte caps and some Tylenol, drank some water, stretched, and took a few photos of Mission Peak from here. Then packed up and slowly made my way down the mountain.

I didn’t set any records for this hike. With lost time going back to my car, and the slow ascent followed by a slow descent I completed the hike in 5.5 hours. My right quad and hip flexors are really sore today. You know I’m doing extra Yoga stretches today, and will rest for 2-3 days before hiking again.
Man, I got out of shape quick. It’s time to step up my hiking regime to get in shape for summer!

Mt. Allison stats: My Garmin’s battery was dead so I don’t have my route map or stats unfortunately.
Elevation 2,664ft (a mile south of Mission Peak)
I started the hike from the parking lot at roughly elevation 500ft
Miles- rough guess 8.75 miles
Elevation gain 2300ft+ I wish I had thought to charge my Garmin!

Nikon D700| Nikkor 28-105AF-D @ 28mm f9| 1/500s| ISO 200| Manual Priority| Tripod

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