“Childhood is a short season…” Helen Hayes

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Diva Dog was making a big ruckus this afternoon, going on, and on, so I had to go see what had wound her up. Outside there were two little girls walking with, I think their Grandmother. Grandma was carrying the littlest girl’s trike, and a very large umbrella. They got across the street from my house where they stopped for negotiations.
There was pointing, and looking down the street both left then right, looking back up at Grandma, and finally there was a nod from Grandma then the little girls walked into the gutter to walk through the puddle of rain washing down it.
Back and forth they walked making sure to make a big splash when they got to the deepest parts. It was drizzling pretty good then too, but they didn’t have a care in the world. Grandma was ever so patient, and such a kindred spirit. She let them play in the gutter for nearly 5 minutes.

It was delightful watching them. I had to get it on film! I raced to grab my camera then shot this through the front window. It’s terribly soft, but I love it. When was the last time you walked through a puddle?

Nikon D700| Nikkor 28-105@ 105mm| f8| 1/160s| Manual Priority| ISO 1600| Hand-held

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