2 Orionid Meteors streaking across the sky

Via Flickr:
Copyright © 2012 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

I was up in the Sierras for the week-end with one of my Meet-Up groups doing some Fall Color photography before the storm that was due to hit on Monday and possibly wipe out all the leaves. Several of us stayed the night and planned to shoot in the area on Sunday as well.

We got up at 3:15AM on Sunday morning then drove out to a spot to catch the sunrise and a bit of the remaining dark sky in hopes of catching a Meteor from the Orionid Meteor shower that was peaking this week-end. Once we got there my companions elected to wait until the blue period before hiking down. So I went alone.

I hiked to a good spot and set up, but not too level I’m afraid and started shooting. I saw quite a few meteors streaking by. I thought I’d missed most of them fearing they were out of my field of view, but I was so thrilled when I uploaded my photos last night to find I had captured quite a few and I even got a shot of the pair I saw streaking by. It was magical and awesome watching the sky and seeing so many meteors streaking by.
It was worth getting up for.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 17-35@17mm| f 2.8| 25 seconds| ISO 3200| Manual Priority| Tripod|

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