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Copyright © 2012 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

This was at roughly the 4.2mile mark of what turned into an 8 mile hike on Monday. I had work scheduled for the day, but the class was canceled at the last minute giving me an opportunity to hit the trail in the morning. The Open Space Preserve where I hiked was once owned by Fremont Older and his wife Cora. Fremont was a San Francisco newspaper editor and he named the peaks on his property after famous peaks in San Francisco. On my hike on this morning I hiked all 3 peaks, Knob Hill, Maise’s Peak the highest in the Preserve, and Hunter’s Point. This is the view from Hunter’s Point. This is sort of an North-eastern view of the valley. Beyond the valley you can barely see the Peaks of Mt. Hamilton, Mt Allison, and Mission Peak.
They are in the Diablo Mountain Range. The most visible peak on the far right is Mt. Umunhum which means the Resting Place of the Hummingbird, It’s the 4th highest peak in Santa Clara Co.

Thank you Etherflyer for your help! If you want to see some great Panoramas check him out. He does beautiful work.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 28-105mm@ 28mm| f8| ISO 200| Hand-Held|12 Frames stitched in CS6


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