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A Sideways Glance…, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004-.

Via Flickr:
Copyright © 2012 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

Working out in the yard yesterday I upset several insects, and discovered a Blue Belly lizard living in the old sandbox.
This morning I thought I’d look for bugs and play with my Close up filter.

I think this is grass-hopper of sorts, but am not sure. He hopped away as soon as I moved to get around in front of him , so this is the only photo I have of it.

Nikon D700} Nikkor 180mm + Canon 500D close-up filter| f8| 1/400s| ISO 500|Manual Priority| Hand-held



  1. Great shot, enjoy it!

  2. macro is a whole different world. enjoy!

    • It’s fun when it comes out good. It’s times like this I think I want a dedicated macro lens. Then I start looking at what I’d want to shoot and find really I’d need two! The 60mm ,and the 105 or 200mm.

      Have you shot indoors at an aquarium? I’m reading that the 105 is too long to shoot the fish through the glass/tanks.

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