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Nikon has been busy. They issued a Firmware update on the D4 and D800. This firmware update fixes several issues.

D800E firmware update B1.01

D800 firmware update B1.01

D4 firmware update

Nikon USA firmware  update list

They’ve  also filed a number of patents. One of which is an 18mm f1.8 FX =full frame lens. I hope this one comes about, and is affordable. I’d buy it to add to my Prime lens collection. Currently my fastest wide 18mm prime is f3.5. It’s a wonderful old lens and works great for being 37 yrs. old,  but faster is better when shooting the stars at night.

They’ve also filed a patent for a 20mm f1.8mm for those of you who like the 20mm focal length.

H/T Nikon Rumors



  1. Yeah, 20mm f/1.8 – hope its affordable!!

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