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This is my first sewing machine. The Universal De Luxe Family Sewing Machine. My parents bought it for me second-hand the summer before I started 7th grade. Sewing was required the first semester that year. I had to make an entire garment for the final. I made a little cotton dress with long sleeves, and  a zipper up the back. I barely passed the class.
I’ve always wished I could sew. Alas, sewing takes an engineering mind. One must be able to think inside out, upside down, right side out, and a step or two ahead all at once. My seam ripper has seen more action and been more successful than my sewing machine.
Irony…I have 3 sewing machines.

I’m afraid I don’t know the history of this machine; age or where it was built. I  did have the case, but it didn’t hold up through the years. I had to throw it away a few years ago. I’ll have to try to find one for it.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 85mm f1.8AF-D @ f8| 1/10sec| ISO 200| Manual Mode| Tripod| Clamp light w/daylight bulb camera right| Texture by Muffet


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