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Osprey- Adult, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004-.

Via Flickr:
Copyright © 2012 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved

A couple of friends alerted me to an article in their hometown paper that told of a pair of Bald Eagles that had been sighted moving into an old Blue Heron nest.
My friend Dali and I headed over to check it out after we shot the Moonset in Pescadero.

When we arrived we spotted some finches in a tree and while shooting those I noticed a Bald Eagle high in the sky and coming our way. Dali spotted the other one off  to the left.
They were far too high for my gear to get a photograph of them, but they looked beautiful soaring way up there in the blue sky.
They were flying south and I watched them until they were just tiny specks.

We also heard there is also a pair of Osprey living in this park so we scouted all around the lake and found a favorite perch and hunting spot of theirs.
He or she is flying over a part of the lake I’d seen it return to a couple of times.
I missed seeing it catch a trout earlier. It was obscured by trees and brush, but the sound was amazing. I won’t forget it.

We stayed for several hours but the Eagles didn’t return. We hope to get back here one day soon and see them.

I had to crop it in to get this view. My lens and TC combo are just not long enough.

Nikon D700|Nikkor 80-200 @ 200mm + 1.4x TC| f8| 1/4000 sec| ISO 1600| Manual Mode| Tripod



  1. Awesome, we both posted the same shot!! Great minds….!

    • LOL! Good shooters! “) Did you get the shot with the him/her with the trout? I only saw him dive then heard it. It was amazing to hear.
      I thought you were in a clearer spot than I was.

  2. Nice one …

    • Thank you so much Steve! You’re using a D3 and the 300mm f2.8 and TC aren’t you? I’m saving for the 300mm 2.8VRII and 20eIII. I hope I’m not too old and frail by the time I’ve saved up enough money. “)

      Hope all is well with your and yours.

      • I use the D300 now, and my most used lens is the 300/2.8 … I have all 3 TCs, and use them at times as well. Most used is the TC1.7 which I would recommend as your first one to purchase.

        Here is a test shot I took with the 300/2.8 + TC20EIII …. at night … clear across a lake …

        If you can’t afford the VR version, get the non-VR version (but with AF) … it is just as sharp, and you can pick them up used in mint condition probably for about the price of a new 300/f4.

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