A gleaming path led my eye…

The Portal, Big Sur, California

Copyright © 2011 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

The sun lines up to shoot its beam through this portal each winter if the weather cooperates.

I had gone down with some friends in late Nov. and got a shot, but I hoped to get a better one before the sun moved out of range. I’ve been watching and waiting for a clear night. The forecast for last night was perfect; clear skies, but cold, so I made the 109 mile drive down to Big Sur.

I packed my down jacket, gloves, and gear and hiked out to the beach. There was only one other photographer there, but I knew that would change as the sun sunk lower on horizon. By the end of the evening there were about 15 of us shooting the sunset.

It’s a fun trip down and always an adventure since one never really knows what the sunset will look like.  The light shines through the Portal about 25 minutes so I shot the beam of light from different angles. Here’s one where I caught a cool little splash.

I’m heading down once more. I’ll try some different angles and perspectives if the fog stays far out at sea.

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