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After 17 years I bought a new tree this year. A pre-lit tree. It was so nice not having to string the lights, but it wasn’t totally stress free. This is actually the 2nd tree I bought this year. The first one I bought we put up and plugged it in and half a strand of lights didn’t light up. After contacting the manufacture for troubleshooting it was determined that a string had a short so we returned it and tried again. This one, knock on wood is working well.

I wouldn’t take a photograph of it for days though because I couldn’t find the topper. I finally found it in a box of things I haven’t used in a number of years. I guess I brought that box in when I put things away last year.
I haven’t always put my tree up this early. For years I would shop for a live tree and put it up on New Years Eve, but when my daughter was diagnosed with Asthma 17 years ago the Doctor said, “No more live trees!”. So I bought a faux tree and started setting up in early December. I  soon discovered I like having Christmas in the house all month-long.

I usually decorate mine while listening to Christmas carols…yes,I confess. I sing too.
When do you set up your Christmas tree? What are your Christmas tree traditions?

Nikon D700| Nikkor 17-35@ 17mm| f3.5| 1/25 second| ISO 500| Manual Mode| Hand-held


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