Bee-Fly?, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004-.

Via Flickr:
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Somewhere along MT 83 and on the hills above Swan Lake. A friend of mine moved to Whitefish, MT last year and I had the good fortune of meeting him to shoot together while I was there.. He insisted on me trying out his Nikkor 60mm micro lens. Isn’t the Bokeh wonderful! It was quiet, fast, and a joy to use.
I haven’t yearned for a macro lens…but right then I thought about it! NAS is in check now.

Nikon D90| Nikkor 60mm micro| f8| 1/500 second| ISO 200| Manual Mode| hand-held

2 thoughts on “Bee-Fly?

  1. Oh, that is one of the iridescent bees. They come in all colors out here, green being the most common. They are in the family of Stingless Bees, even though they do sting, unless you are allergic, it is not painful. They are also called Sweat bees, as they will land on people and lick the sweat off them. Out your way, they are used to pollinate alfalfa fields and farmers will build special “farms” to attract them- salt laced mud puddles.

    1. Thank you for the Bee ID and the neat facts too! It didn’t look like it was collecting pollen rather it looked like it was parked resting.

      I hope your week-end went well at the show. I’ll be checking in on your site to find out!

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