Benro Travel Angel Tripods

While I do really like my Induro CT213 I am finding it really heavy when doing long, steep hikes.  I’ve been shopping for a lighter alternative and finally made up my mind on one.

I’ve just ordered the C1691T Benro Travel Angel tripod.  I am most impressed with the BO Dual Action ball-head. For being small it can carry a ton of weight. It held a Nikkor 80-200mm lens mounted to a D300s without sagging at all! That’s what sold me.

2 thoughts on “Benro Travel Angel Tripods

  1. Awesome, you got the CF. Pretty nice, huh? That leg can be pretty handy. Just make sure the twist locks are actually locked.

    Do you have RRS L-plates? Works like a champ if you use the Arca-Swiss-style clamps.

    I’m on my third; first one went with the niece to S.F, the CF is out on loan (still), and got another because the Gitzo can be a little long at times. Aluminum, because I was not going to spend that much for my…6th tripod.

    1. I have it on order. I hope it arrives before my Glacier trip! That monopod leg is a neat feature isn’t it. It’s just such a great little kit. I looked at the alloys & aluminum models after looking and trying out this one. No comparison!

      Funny, this is my 3rd tripod. My first the Manfrotto 190XB which served me very well was too heavy for hiking at 5 pounds including my ball-head. I still have it.
      Then I bought the Induro CT213, but it’s 4.1 pounds with the ball-head, and heavy on long arduous hikes. My Induro gets pretty tall too. 🙂 This tripod has served me very well too!

      I switched to the RRS ball-head system while using the Manfrotto and love it! RRS= Really Right Stuff.,
      I do have the RRS- Lplate on both cameras. I too highly recommend them.
      I couldn’t purchase a $$$$ brand when I know both the Induro and Manfrotto have served me so well.

      Thank you for the feedback on this tripod! I really appreciate it.

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