At long last…The Rest of the Story- Horsetail Fall Yosemite

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

I went up to Yosemite with a group of photographers from the Bay Area for the sunset on Horse Tail Fall. An event that happens only twice a year. We left at 4AM on Feb.18th with one stop in Mariposa to meet up with more photographers. We spent the whole day shooting Yosemite Valley. The weather was cold, and overcast in the morning and perfect in the afternoon.
We had a picnic lunch at Bridalveil Fall, and dinner in Mariposa at Taqueria at 8:30PM.
I walked in my front door at 12:15AM Feb. 19th.
I was up for 22 hours in all for this shoot. It was a wonderful day.

I shot several frames in RAW on this day because I thought I might get more detail and color than shooting in my standard JPEG mode.
I really don’t see any difference between the shots when looking at them both side by side.
I shot this whole event in Wide Angle. Next time I will also add a telephoto to the mix and get two different perspectives of the sunset on Horsetail Fall. It was pretty golden light for such a short time. If you blinked you missed it!

PP- recovery, WB adjustment, vibrance, clarity, curves a little adjustment; a wee bit of color saturation, and sharpening, a little crop off the bottom to take out some snow, and resized. You really do lose all your “in camera” settings shooting RAW don’t you.

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