MM2:3-Self Portrait

I love to read( mysteries, poetry, crime dramas), spend time with my family, and my dog. I study French. I love to travel, hike, try new foods, and photography.

My home base is in Silicon Valley   Nevada at the base of the Eastern Sierras. I love the view, and close proximity to so many wonderful mountains, trails, and outdoor activities.

All my images and text are Copyright Protected. You may not download or copy any of my content without explicit written permission.

If you would like to License or purchase any of my images don’t hesitate to contact me.

Image by: Deborah M. Zajac


59 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Deborah! I am so glad I found your blog, thanks to Robin. She boasts wonderful words about you on her blog, and she is so right. You have a lovely combination of stunning photos and warm writing. Thank you!

    1. Oh gosh! Thank you so much Jennie for coming along to find me! I’m so glad you like my images, and writing.
      I’ll be sure to thank Robin again for the compliments and for you finding me. 🙂

  2. From the way you approached me I should have known you were Californian!
    For bloggers from other states it takes them a while to get off the trodden path in their comments:)

    1. Maybe you misunderstand, I meant you were immediately relating on a friend level, instead of being “official…” (I like the first – your – approach)!

    1. Thank you M. L.! I checked out your blog too. I’m not political on my blog and steer clear of those types of blogs. I see you are pretty vocal with your political views on your blog. I applaud your willingness to go there, but I’m not into that in the blogging sphere.
      I set up here to escape all that and have a place to share my images!

      Thank you so much for the “follow”. I hope you understand if I only comment or “like” images that are non-political!

      1. Of course! I have plenty of non-political stuff too. I’m trying to present and support my country as best I can, because of what it’s going through, but I can’t say I’m a fan of politics either. So I write about other interests as much as possible.

            1. ROFL!!! When are the kids ever happy or not embarrassed by what their parents are doing?
              Keep doing what your spirit tells you is right to do! Be a light and Brave example to your children, and pray you show them the way to be honorable, God fearing persons who are able to live, work, and worship freely in your country.

  3. Hi!!

    My fellow-bloggers and I have been following your blog for quite a while and we love your work!! We decided to nominate your blog for the Liebster award,a collaborative award that was created to motivate small bloggers to keep creating ,link with other bloggers and discover new blogs. You can find our blog proposals and rules on our blog post: http://t.co/aiIEF7IXHO. It seems you already have won a previous award, so here’s another one! We hope you will accept it! Cheers!

  4. Thanks for your positive comments. I’m glad I can inspire other photographers as myself. If you ever need any photo assistance or tips don’t hesitate to call (440)222-1179

  5. Thanks for the recent visit to/follow of my blog. It led me here and i’ve really enjoyed perusing your recent entries. I look forward to more.

  6. Hi Deb,

    I hadn’t seen your blog before this evening while I was preparing my short biog to update the Flickr “Nikon DSLR Users — The Bistro” group’s home page to include your return as our Weekly Gallery curator.

    Your blog is beautifully well done. The photos are exceptional, and I love reading the background you provide on them. I feel a special personal attachment to your photos because I’ve also visited nearly every place in California and Nevada that you’ve photographed — almost without exception, I think, and you’ve documented them just as I myself remember them.

    Living in Southern California for the past 20 years, I desperately miss the northern part of the state, which I consider home. I was born in San Jose, later elementary school in Reno, junior high in Chico, then back to the Bay Area to St. Francis High School in Mountain View (for my first job, working in a camera store), followed by graduation from the University of San Francisco in 1965. Following a stint in the Army, it was back to live in Incline Village at Lake Tahoe for 12 years. During those years I traveled far and wide throughout the northern part of the state, developing a special fondness for the little-known scenic hiking, camping and flyfishing areas along Hwy. 395 in the Easter Sierra.

    Pardon my rambling … I’ll close with thanks for providing me with such wonderful memories.


  7. Wonderful winter bridge scene photo on your header there … where was that taken?

    You have really great work … I especially like the “Starry Night” shot, and the fun shot with the muddy Jeep (we have 2 Jeeps).


    1. Thank you so much Steve for visiting my blog and for the subscription!

      I’m thrilled that you like the bridge photograph I used as my header. That was a fantastic trip to Yosemite I took in January of this year. It’s Stoneman Bridge. I tried snowshoeing for the first time ever and on the other side of this bridge I fell face down in the snow! I can’t wait to go back to Yosemite this winter. It’s magical!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog about the War on Photography. It is a deviation from my normal post, but just seemed that someone needed to do it.
    Question, why circadian reflections? Specifically circadian..

    1. Hi Bill,

      I’m glad you spoke up about the war on photography. It’s getting a bit ridiculous.This even more so. It’s a National Park paid for by our tax dollars!
      Everyone should should have access. It’s ours!
      Denali is a park I’d love to get to. I have a photography friend who is shooting the Moose up there now. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying his photos and adventures. He’s fortunate, for now he calls Alaska home.

      Circadian…well the word’s meaning has to do with 24 hours cycles and rhythms and I had high aspirations of this being a daily blog with my thoughts/reflections on all things photography. I haven’t quite lived up the daily posts, but I’m hanging in there.

      I took a longer look at your blog while there this morning, and was envious of your fall color. You’ve got reds! We have oranges, yellows, and brown. I would love to see the reds too one day.

      Thank you for your question and the visit.

  9. Hi Will!

    Call me if you have some free time while up here I’d love to go out shooting together.

    I hope the rain stops soon. Doing a weather check for DV it looks cloudy but no rain. Clouds will be good!

    I hope to see you soon too, it’s been too long!

    Be safe!


  10. Looks Great Deb!!
    Thanks for the link…
    Have a safe and enjoyable trip to the Valley…
    Wildflowers may be coming if the rain stops soon enough??
    Should be good colors though???
    Wish I could explore with you!!
    I’ll be up into San Fran the first week of April… Hope we can meet up for an evening in the bay…?? Let me know?
    Keep in touch…
    Get some great images… Hope 2 C U soon…
    My Best…

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