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Way back in 2016 a couple of good friends and I took a long week-end trip to Sedona, AZ and during that trip we went to the Grand Canyon and one of the things we did was taking a helicopter tour of the North Rim.

I was just telling someone recently that these images have been marinating on my hard-drive for a long, long time because I really didn’t like the images too much when I got home. My aerial photography “eye” needs a lot more practice. That got me thinking that I hadn’t even looked at these images in years so I dug into my archives to look at the images. With the passing of time I’m not as disappointed in them. Here’s one.

Grand Canyon, North Rim, Aerial View via a Helicopter

I’ll be working on more images from this trip so, you may see more in future posts.

I’ve been staying close to home these last two weeks because while visiting our Grandson’s we took them to the park and Littlest was afraid to go down the tube slide by himself so I went down with him. The second time we were going a bit fast so I tried to slow us down by putting my foot along the wall, but we didn’t slow down my body kept going something went crack and both my knee and ankle hurt. My knee is still tender and I haven’t made it as far as the mailbox and back yet. I may have to go see the doctor if this keeps up.

Did you happen to see the recent full moon? I did but, didn’t photograph it. I did go out to look at the moon close to its setting a couple of mornings later and made this image from my street.

I did go out for a little bit birding yesterday and saw some good birds. I’m still culling images, but will have a few to share in upcoming posts.

That’s all that’s new here. What’s going on with you? I do hope your week is going well!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| PS CC 23.2.2

more to come…

61 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Aerial View

  1. Oh dear, I hope you didn’t break something! 😟 My elbow is still healing from it’s break, 2 1/2 months ago! Your photos are stunning! I really like the one from the Grand Canyon. 💕

    1. Thank you so much, Jill! My ankle and knee feel so much better and don’t bother me much when walking, but I haven’t tackled any hills yet.

      My wrist still bothers me and I shattered it almost 30 years ago! I hope you heal better than I did!

  2. I like the Grand Canyon shot, it does a great job of showing the vastness of the place. Keeping my fingers crossed that knee is just a temporary ouch, hurt knees are no fun! 🤞

  3. These are splendid images, Deborah! When I was choosing where to relocate I investigated Sedona. After all, what an extraordinary place. However, I didn’t find much to choose from for housing. Still, it’s amazing. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Ah, I can see that regarding housing there. I think most people build their own to suit them.
      You’d fit right in though being an artist/writer I would think since it’s filled with artists and writers.

      Thank you so much, Teagan.

  4. Hello – isn’t it interesting how later on we sometimes come to like our photos more (sometimes at least). And I like your aerial shots.
    Also, hope your knee and ankle heal – not sure if you the any calcium/magnesium blends – but a chiropractor we know often has folks take a bit more mineral blends when he works with them – because bone is alive and always growing – and so you might want to increase some of your vitamins and mineral intake while you are healing. Not too much too soon – but just kind of think about it (and maybe check out this item called “CALM” – it is so wonderful and might hep with healing). It still might need an adjustment or lots of time to heal but a little internal support could make a huge difference

      1. I thought you might already know a lot about stuff like that but just wanted to mention it just in case.
        And have another example – we know an airline steward who was having lower back issues – she did yoga and wore good shoes. And a huge turning point for her was a good mineral blend (and so remember that calcium is good but usually more absorbed when with magnesium and other trace minerals). And one of my favs is the Costco Cal/mag with d3! An award winning formula and huge bottle costs around $11.
        Anyhow – happy healing – and fun way to be injured – playing on slide with grand child! I know someone who broke their wrist whike almond – and they smacked their arm into a door and ouch!

        1. I do take 8-10 supplements 3 days a week and one them is d3. I’ll have He-Man look for that Cal/mag one you mentioned next week when he does the Costco run. He does that one and I do the grocery store. Splitting those two errands between us works out well as he can handle the weight of the bulky stuff that I struggle with. 😀

          When I was 35 ice skating with my then 4 year old daughter aka Baby Girl I was skating backwards and hit a chink in the ice and shattered my wrist. It was bad, He-Man was in Singapore on a 2 week business trip too. I can relate to that person you know.

          Thanks for the Cal/mag tip! 😍

          1. Yikes – that must have been so hard having an injury with He-man gone!
            My hubs and once made a really bad travel decision – we ended a trip by parting ways at true airport – so he went on a work trip and I took the two boys home (5 and 3) – that was the nightmare – I had two children – two car seats (nice lightweight ones so that helped) – three pieces of small luggage – it was miserable –
            Still shaking my head at how I managed all that and are sure that never happened again.

            And my hubs does the Costco run too!
            I sure do like their cal/mag formula and one more little share…
            Sometimes taking two tablets right before bed (with three or four capsules of fish oil) brigs such good sleep! I take it with a nice cup of warm water and whew!

            1. Somehow we Mom’s just get it done when the going gets tough!

              He-Man and I swear by Melatonin to help us sleep when we’ve got a bit of insomnia. One chewy and we’re out like a light. I found it when going through the “change”. Actually that’s when I started taking supplements back in my mid thirties when I got the rage, and insomnia. AH!! TMI!! Sorry! 🤣

            2. Hi – I don’t think TMI at all – because we must remember that sometimes another reader will skim a comment and get a tip – so sometimes when we openly share it can be a later resource for someone.
              In fact, when I was in need of health and natural healing tips = I fund a plethora of information from a Eries of blogs that were no longer active – and it was reader comments (the unstructured info) that had key things for me that helped me rebuild my body terrain.

              and Glad the melatonin works for you – I have heard mixed reviews on it (like anytime you take a supplement that is hormonal like that – it could stop your body from making it ) but if it works for you – that is awesome.
              Thankfully I found my little elixir with the cal/mag and fish oil for my little hack.

              it was fun to share a little bit about supplements and I had a feeling that you knew a lot about this area …

              have a great day

            3. Good points! I’ve learned a lot from blogs and the comments are gold a lot of the time so I don’t skip them either.

              It was fun chatting with you! 😀 I hope you have a great Friday!

  5. The Grand Canyon is so pretty. Your photo is delightful. I knew of the full moon, but didn’t actually see it. I’ve tried to take photos of a full moon before, but I don’t have the skill. I hope your joints are doing better today. Getting old is not for sissies.

  6. Your Grand Canyon aerial view is quite amazing, Deborah! We visited the GC back in 2016 but decided not to take a helicopter ride. I love seeing the green plateaus, you can’t see that expanse from the ground! Your moon shot is lovely, those mountains would beckon me every day…. 🙂

  7. Great view! 👍
    We were there in 2019 but did not do a helicopter ride. I got some good shots, though, I think:
    We went there on a day trip from Sedona where we had been staying for a few days. I LOVED the red rocks of Sedona:
    Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

  8. I like the aerial shot, Deborah. It neatly shows how strange the Grand Canyon actually is, a sunken world into more or less flat land. When I was at the south rim of the GC I found it very hard to make an interesting photograph of the vastness. It’s to large, to much really, I didn’t know where to look. Your picture brings it into perspective. I would like to see more! Take care of your knee and ankle!

    1. Thank you so much, Peter! I struggled too with compelling compositions when I visited the GC.
      Aerial photography is something I’d like to do more of from a drone, helicopter, or glider. I’d really like to do it from a glider and they have them here in my town so, I’ve got it on my bucket list.

  9. Sorry to read about your knee! Praying that it heals soon. I like the image of the canyon. I think it gives a good feel for the distance it covers and the enormity of it and I love the view from your street. I wish I had that view!

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! 🥰 I don’t show you the view from the front of the house too often so it makes a nice change. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these views.
      I feel very blessed to have them. For most of my life I didn’t have a view of anything this beautiful.

  10. Ouch! I hope your knee and ankle heal quickly. Nice of you to go with your grandson.

    I’m looking forward to the bird photos and the rest of the canyon images. We had a few weeks worth of doors from someone who said his first thought was to delete the whole shoot. I’m glad you gave these a second look.

    1. Thank you, Dan! I hope so too.

      Egads! I’ve never deleted a whole shoot just the obvious blurry and really bad ones. I keep them because I can always study what went wrong and hopefully, improve on the next shoot, and with time I have found my opinion of many of the images change for the better. 😀

      1. It’s not like they’re in a shoe box under the bed. I never delete photos from memory cards. I label them and save them as one additional form of backup.

        1. LOL! I still have some images in a shoebox!!

          That’s a pricey way to keep another form of backup. Have you seen how expensive the new type of memory cards are for the newer cameras? 😮 I end destroying my memory cards after several years of use and reformatting over and over again and buying new ones. Which I need to do with several now. I’m afraid they’ll get corrupt and I’ll lose a whole shoot. Which happened to me once. That still bugs me!

          1. I haven’t looked into anything new in years. My camera uses SD cards and since it’s a point&shoot, the card doesn’t fill up too fast. It’s not like I’m shooting/storing Raw & JPG

            Your concern about corruption is one reason I don’t like to reuse them.

  11. A great shot of the Grand Canyon and the moon. Your view from the street is killer. Those slides can be dangerous. I hope your leg feels better. You might want to get another opinion. (besides your own that is)

  12. The images are lovely Deborah. What I like about the aerial view is that the actual physical nature of the canyon can be appreciated. Ground views never seem to capture the enormity of the place. I also really love day shots of the moon. I do hope your leg mends quickly. Take care.

  13. It’s been several years since I’ve seen the Grand Canyon so thanks for the beautiful shot. Nice moon photo, and it also really accentuates your gorgeous mountain views. Sorry to hear you got banged up. Interesting how that happens when we, ‘grand’parents, play with our beloved kids. Hope you’re feeling better each day.

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