Wild Weds. 11/52 En Media Res

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I went hiking both Saturday and Sunday hoping to find something interesting in nature as well as stretch my legs, but I hoped to see wildflowers. Saturday I saw flowering trees looking lush and pink in their full bloom and not much else in the way of flowers. I did see a pair of Does resting in the grass near the creek at the bottom of the trail.  I really do think Deer are my Spirit Animal.  He-Man and I stuck to the wooded area trails and did the steep switchbacks to gain some elevation.  We hiked over 2 miles and gained approx. 500ft in elevation.  I also rode the Fit Desk for 4 miles on Saturday which did not burn off nearly enough calories! 😦

On Sunday I proposed a different route that would take us along meadow and grassy trails, but still be hiking uphill, and if I didn’t run out of steam I’d even go up the wall.  Our mileage wouldn’t much  over two miles, but the elevation gain would be close to 600 ft having to go uphill to the top of the mountain/hill then down to the valley and back up the steep hill, and WALL then down the back hill to the car.

I saw several wildflowers in  bloom, there were fiddle necks, Hounds Tooth, Pacific Pea; Lupine; and a few others, but the best came when hiking up the hill leading to the WALL.

He-Man was well ahead of me because I kept stopping to photograph flowers, new pine-cone buds, a lizard in camouflage or so it thought,  so I was making tracks trying to catch up before he hit the WALL- which is the last section of this hill, but it’s nearly vertical.  I’m not kidding it’s really steep.  The grade must be 9 or 10%. Everyone calls it the Wall.  Thankfully it’s fairly short from there to the top.

Anyway, I was looking high, low, and sideways for flowers, birds, insects, etc, and in a thicket of dry and dead thistle or teasel I spied something like leaves, and kept going up the hill a few steps then my brain said, ” uh, no there shouldn’t be leaves  like that on those, back up!” So, I did and look what I saw when I really looked at it!  A pair of Silvery Blue Butterflies en Media Res!

Silvery Gray Butterflies en Media Res 2


I have never seen this type of Butterfly before and never in this position! I was so thrilled and excited; doing my happy dance!

The Silvery Blue is in the Gossamer-Wing Family.  Its habitat is varied but, not in deserts, but there is an exception as they are found in the Mohave Desert.  They are found where there are Lupine, Pea family, and Vetches. All of which were present when I saw these two.  Their season here is Feb- Aug.

He-Man missed it completely. 😦  I was tired and running out  of gas so took the cutoff right before the wall so, gained a little more mileage, but a wee bit less elevation. Next week I’ll take my hiking poles and claim the Wall again! 🙂

I was so grateful to have seen this. I’m still Wowed by it!

I’ll share some of the wildflowers in future posts.

Happy Hump Day!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 105mm @f/5.6| ISO 400| 1/1250s| Handheld

more to come…

53 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 11/52 En Media Res

  1. I truly loved and appreciated this pair of butterflies looking off into opposite directions, Deborah. I am so glad you went back to capture the Silvery Blue Butterflies en Media Res. Wow, so delicate and like precious, rare flower blossoms. I wonder what this positioning meant? 💙

  2. I’m glad you posted them here because I didn’t see near as much detail on the Instagram. Super beautiful, what a special capture!
    I’m tired just thinkin about The Wall. Oy. How is it coming down The Wall? I’m a good climber, but man I hate comin down. Makes me so nervous! lol Even without your wall prowess, I’m impressed by your endurance and love of life and nature!
    Thanks so much for sharing your photos. You have a different world from mine, and I like to see it from here 🙂

    1. It’s fricken awful on the knees coming down! You don’t know how many times I’ve said to hiking partners, “Let’s take two cars drive to the top park one, drive down hike up and drive down to save our knees!”. Only to be met with rejection of that idea. Only once in all my hiking has this happened. I wish XXX was with me on every hike to help me make a good argument for this plan b/c clearly I’m not doing it right.

      I need my poles to go down the wall bit, and have to have them going up. He-Man since blowing out his Patella Tendon can’t do this hill or the Wall without both poles up or down.

      Both my knees are hurting now and I’m very nearly in panic mode. My knees can not go out before July of this year! I have an amazing photography hiking, horseback riding trip planned in June. I NEED MY KNEES to work and work well! I can sore saddle butt, but not broken knees! I’ll hike up anything, but I want to drive down! Down is the hardest on the knees.

      1. I’m not saying I’m fast or average going up when I say I’ll hike up anything cause I’m fricken SLOW going up hill! I’ll get there, but I’m not the fastest race car on the track. Think Tortoise and the Hare…I’m the Hare. Ask anyone who hikes uphill with me. I am slow, and need food to it. I’ll get there, but probably not with the group. Count on me be last. I grateful for a spotter! 🙂

      2. Good mercy. I can see the point of having the car up there. Truly. I don’t have knee issues *knock wood* but the anxiety of feeling vertigo, like I’ll fall right over makes me dislike steep descents. I prefer down on stairs whenever possible. Up the ground, down the stairs.
        I sure hope your knees are ready to ride come June! Swimming, recumbent cycling, eliptical, yoga? My husband has the bad knees – that’s his suggestion. you have time to heal. Stay off The Wall! Phew!

  3. What a great find Deborah! I’m so glad that you questioned what you saw and went back. This capture is gorgeous. I can’t wait until our weather finally settles in to a warmer pattern so I can get out and do more hiking! 🙂

  4. Thank heavens you went back because that is one amazing shot. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I had to look up Fit desk because I hadn’t hear of it. Can you use your computer on it and pedal at the same time, or do you read? This is pretty interesting.

    1. I know right! I’m so thankful my brain registered something was off there and I did go back.

      I can read on my laptop, and Kindle and watch T.V. easily while pedaling, but typing not so much. 🙂

      The desk part has a nice lip to catch anything that might slip like my kindle or laptop or a book.

  5. Thank you for visiting that tree I posted last Sunday:) That butterfly is so pretty, Deborah! Nice you enjoyed your hike with your family!
    On my side, it is still winter. Today at 3 pm I decided to stop painting in the studio, because my fingers became too cold. Was not even 5 min. back in my house, and snow (wet) started coming down! Weather prediction for coming weekend is more snow, so I stocked up on groceries (a new thing:):) )

    1. I’m catching up! Of course the week-end will arrive soon and I’ll probably get behind again, but what can you do? 🙂 That tree is neat!

      I’m glad you stocked up so you don’t have to drive in the snow. I bet it’s gorgeous up there now!

      1. The most beautiful time up here now, because everything is green! And when it rains and snows, all kinds of little streams start trickling down the hills. (I am easily entertained!)

        The man with the burned hand is fine. I could keep him from working for a few days, but today he snuck out to the downstairs, lol.
        That reminds me I was happy to read you and your hubby had some time together (your post of the butterfly)!

  6. What a tender moment you have captured Deborah! A true treasure. I will be so glad when our butterflies come out from their Winter hibernation. This is wonderful photo. I miss hiking. We haven’t been in a few weeks.

  7. Wow, nice find (I would never know the flowers you cited nor find the species of butterfly that you found). Sometimes walking off the beaten path rewards you with new discoveries.

    In Kauai, I shot a composition of a wildflower with the intent of capturing the Hanalei Valley Taro Fields and mountains in the background; it turned out well but later in post processing I decided to crop in very tight on the flower and didn’t know I had captured a butterfly as well (the wings looked like petals from a flower at a distance). I’ll have to post that on my Flickr site (it was posted on fb which you don’t subscribe to).

    We still have to organize a shoot; haven’t visited the Milpitals Bald Eagles this year, yet!

    1. Thank you so much Gordon!

      Yes, post that flower image to flickr I want to see it!

      I heard the Eagles are taking turns in the nest so there must be an egg! I have driven by their tree twice, but not seen the Eagles so kept going.

      When the rain stop I’ll take you on a wildflower hike if you’d like. Y’all can be my POD’s for the day. 🙂

  8. Okay, we are not going to talk about your posting this picture on hump day, awright? It’s a beautiful picture. I admire your vigor in exercise. I’m a slug, basically.

        1. On your Volo Vista post I’m getting a ” this domain is parked” screen. Did you delete that post or is there an issue I need to take up with WP?

          The thumbnail looks wonderful and like a place I’d love to hike. I love the tree by the trail and the leading line and how it leads me through the painting.

  9. We have a cousin of that butterfly on Prince Edward Island, Canada- a Glaucopsyche if I identified ours correctly. Lovely shot. And well done on the hiking!

  10. What a wonderful prize for your efforts, Deborah! I was just as interested in your comment about the Fit Desk. I know about desks that adjust so you can stand and work if you like and also of desks where you can walk while working, but I’d never heard of these. What does yours have under it? A bicycle or elliptical or ? I’m currently standing with my laptop on the sideboard which does get me standing, but not moving.


    1. Thank you so much Janet! Ours is a Bicycle under it.
      I usually switch from my PC to my Kindle and walk around the house and stand a bit to get me out of my chair and moving a bit.

      I really do need to ride the FitDesk more than I do! If I ratchet up the tension I can burn off more calories faster, but it’s sooo much harder to do! 🙂

  11. You might enjoy this. I wrote a long comment (did not copy it) and poof! – Here we go again:

    The photo is beautiful, Deborah. Thank you for sharing the results of your hard work (I’m a little tired after reading it).

    Our daughter was hiking on Sunday and texted us saying: “I have gaiters and poles and spikes and this is a relatively flat section but I’ll turn back if it’s too dangerous.” It will be a while before we see wildflowers.

    1. Faith sounded well prepared for that hike.
      Two week ago…already! When hiking down by the Merced River in Yosemite I was in snow boots, had my tripod which acted like a pole, but wished I had snow shoes. I kept sinking calf deep in the snow.

      I hope she had a lovely hike.

      So far I can reply or send a comment in the notifications comment boxes, but am having issues on Post page comment boxes. It’s frustrating!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the Silvery Blues. I was tired, and needed a good stretch after two days of uphill hiking. 🙂

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