12 thoughts on “Rusty nails

  1. Thank you Dan for the comment! Unfortuately, as I was beginning to write my thank you reply #1 Grandson drove his dump truck over my keyboard and deleted your comment! I couldn’t get to the UNDO button fast enough. I’m sorry!

    #1 Grandson, and his new lego construction site set are attached to me at the hip, and keyboard these days. 🙂

  2. pretty Cool Deborah, it shows you are looking at them with different eyes than most of us. A lot of our yard was overgrown before we moved into it and we are slowly getting it cleaned up, my wife dug into a mound and pulled a big wheelbarrow full of nails out of it. I never thought of taking a photo. Shame on me.

    1. Thank you so much Harold! I was actually birding in the backyard when I spotted the nails laying around the ladder, so I made a pile and started photographing them. 🙂

      Next time you see some nails or something similar you’ll probably look for a composition now. I hope so!

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