13 thoughts on “P52 30/52: Hibiscus

  1. I am so happy to learn that you still have flowers to photograph, Deborah. The headlines we see here would have all of California a uniform brown, and it makes me so sad. What a relief to see your beautiful photos.

    1. Oh don’t despair Melissa! There are still wildflowers, and nursery flowers aplenty! Though a majority of the lawns are spotty. We’re allowed to water lawns for 10 minutes twice a week. Odd house numbers on certain days and Even house numbers on Tues/Thurs. I’m even which is why I know our days. We’ve let the front lawn go completely b/c of the remodel, but our small lawn in the back is okay…spotty here and there, but seems to be doing alright with the little water it’s getting.
      We switched our old sprinkler heads with the new low-flow ones last month. My Lantana is going strong with little water, or attention too. My Agapanthus look a bit stressed in the foliage, but put out nice stalks none the less.

      Around the neighborhood I see the summer flowers are blooming regardless of our lack of water. It is comforting to know some plants and flowers are hanging in there. Our mountains and hill grasses would be brown and golden at this time of year anyway so that looks the same in this season.

      I keep hearing there’s a nice El Nino brewing at sea. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t fizzle out…again.

        1. I have not subscribed to it, but have had a friend or two get their images published in it and have seen those issues.
          Thankfully we have had the sense to save the hillsides, and wetlands for nature, and our pleasure. I hope that lasts for many generations!

          1. Yes, I’ve been so pleased to see the extent of preserves and parks. I remember driving up the coast when I was young.. are there any uncrowded corners left, or have all the towns been built up now?

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