Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

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Venus and Jupiter are pretty close together tonight: just 1.1º.  Also visible with binoculars or a Telephoto lens are Jupiter’s Moons. Europa, Io, Ganymede, and Callisto.

Venus is the brightest low planet, and Jupiter is next brightest object diagonally above Venus. The little dots around

Jupiter are its Moons. Tomorrow they’re be even closer together, just 0.6º apart!  If I’m lucky I’ll find a spot other than my yard without tree branches in the frame. 🙂 The best time to see this is after Dusk looking West.

Venus Jupiter and Moons Conjunction_9054Nikon Df| AF-S Nikkor 300mm| f4| 1.3s| ISO 1600| Tripod| Single Frame| Developed in Photoshop CS6| Cropped in about 50%

More to come…

12 thoughts on “Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

  1. Very cool :-). I’ll try to remember to look up at the sky after dusk tonight. A friend of mine recently told me about seeing Jupiter and Venus but I keep forgetting to look. I won’t be able to see Jupiter’s moons but it is neat to glimpse their existence in your photo.

  2. fantastic shot Deborah!! I was looking through the telescope at these last night but no pic!! You have done a beautiful job with the moons orbiting!! absolutely 5 ***** stars for this!

      1. Your picture of the moons is the best I’ve seen. I love it. Here it has been overcast and raining every day for weeks. I think I yearn for the coast so much I’ve created a weather pattern here!

    1. Thank you so much Jackie! I was thrilled that I was able to see them with my limited 300mm lens. Tonight if the sky is clear I’m going to put my 1.4x TC on the 300mm for just bit more reach.

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