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I’ve been cooking and preparing more meals at home since He-Man and I are “home bound” these days. He’s says I’m spoiling him. I am just a little because he deserves it.

Today’s lunch was on the lite side: a Turkey, Avocado sandwich on Multi-grain bread w/Jarlsberg cheese, tomato, and Wasabi Mayo. The Wasabi mayo is so good, but one must use caution when adding it. It can open up your sinus’ , make your eyes water, and take your breath away if you add too much. 🙂

Dejeuner Chez Moi

I’m choosing this image for my Project 52 this week, because I don’t know if I’ll photograph anything else.

Nikon Df| AF-S Nikkor 50mm f1.8G| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film| Hand-held

More to come…



  1. Wow! Just drooling at all the food in your photos and thinking I’d quite like to do a food photography course (and getting hungry!). Thanks! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Lili! I’ve thought about taking a Food Photography course as well. In the meantime I keep learning by trial and error. 🙂

      • I thought you had taken a photography course! Just goes to show what you can learn by yourself, so will keep trying with my new camera (at least food doesn’t move!).
        Will look at photos like yours to inspire me 🙂

  2. looks like a wonderful sandwich!! I must try the wasabi with it!!

    • Thank you CybeleMoon! I hope you find some wasabi mayo to try. It gives the sandwich that je ne sais quoi. 🙂

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