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It was a week of welcome firsts. We had the first good rain we’ve seen/had in such a long time, and my Camellia bush is beginning to blossom ringing in Fall.

P52 39/52 First Fall Camellia Blossom

Nikon D700| LensBaby Composer Pro II w/Soft Focus Optic, f/2.8| ISO 320| Manual Priority| Hand-held



  1. I really like the soft look of this shot. Do Camellias have scent? This one looks like it would smell divine. So glad you got rain… have you had any since? The headlines make it sound pretty dire.

    • Melissa this plant doesn’t have a scent that I can detect, but I always put my nose to the blossoms anyway …always hopeful! 🙂 The rain was nice, but it wasn’t nearly enough, and it hasn’t rained since.

      • My prayers are with you out there. I love the coast so much~ it hurts to see this happening.

        • Unfortunately, it happens more than I care for. In my lifetime here in CA this is the 4th severe drought. 😦 Every decade it seems we have one.

  2. Camellias are such lovely flowers. We’ve never tried one here in the Northeast. It would have to be a house plant for us.

  3. beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much for looking and for the “likes” everyone!

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