Rhododendron-Berkeley Botanical Garden

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Rhodedendron Pink

My friend Dali and I made an impromptu stop at the Berkeley Botanical Garden one morning last month and we found the Rhododendrons in bloom. I was hoping for Butterflies too, alas, no joy there.

It’s a lovely Garden. I hope to go back next year and spend more time wandering around the different regions.

Playing with my macro lens quite a bit this Spring has shown me its limits, and not being able to get closer than a foot has been the biggest disappointment for me.

I could add an extension tube or two, but then I’ll be struggling with Depth of  Field issues so, I think I’ll rent a Lens Baby Composer Pro and see if that doesn’t help me make the images I have in my head when shooting flowers.

Nikon D700| AF Nikkor 105mm D micro @ f4| 1/1600s| ISO 320| Manual Priority| Matrix Met| Tripod


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