“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” John F. Kennedy

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Old Saint Mary’s was built in 1854 as the first cathedral of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. It is the first cathedral in California to be built as a cathedral, although other churches in the state served as cathedrals before it was built. It was used from 1854 to 1891 as a cathedral and was replaced by the first Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, as the archdiocese was in need of a larger space for the growing number of Catholics in the area. In 1891, Old Saint Mary’s became a parish church still using the same name that it bore as a cathedral.

Old St. Mary’s survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake,
only to be gutted a day later by the fires started by the earthquake.
The fires were so hot that they melted the church bells and marble altar. All that was left was the exterior brick walls and the bell tower. The renovation of the church was completed in 1909.


Ladybugs, Ladybugs, Ladybugs!

Ladybugs, Ladybugs, Ladybugs!, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004.

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Lady The Bug
A Poem by Patti Tricoli

One sunny afternoon Lady Luck came my way,
She was bright red and spotted
as I helped her that day.
Her paper wings closing as she landed on me,
I held her up loosely for others to see.
The wind picked up and started to blow,
and I knew Lady Luck would soon have to go.
So I cried; “Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away home!”
She opened her wings and left me standing alone.
It wasn’t long that I started to see,
millions of Lady Bugs smiling at me.

Uvas Canyon County Park, Santa Clara Co. California, USA


Lion, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004.

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2010 The Year of the Tiger
Chinese New Year Parade
San Francisco,CA.
Feb. 27, 2010

Here’s a popular character seen in the parade.

Lion Dance: Lions are used to bring joy and happiness. Lion dancing is a traditional folk sports activity. From the fourth day of the New Year to the fifteenth of the first month, there are lion dance groups, each composed of seven to more than ten people, touring from village to village. All performers wear the same kind of coats, trousers, shoes and headgear, with a sash round their waist, armed with swords and clubs to give people an impression of grandeur. The lion’s head is made of paper in a traditional shape; cat’s head, rooster or the bullfighting lion. The lion’s head is complete with painted eyes, nose, mouth and tongue, decorated with bells tinkling on tassels. The body is a motley piece of cloth. The dance is performed by one fellow holding the lion’s head with both hands and another bowing low and hunching his back at the lion’s tail. They will ape the various gestures of a lion to the accompaniment of drums and gongs. Lion dancing has a long history in this country and its performers are all very skillful dancers, some excelling in the head’s movements, some in somersaulting and rocking on the ground, some acting boldly but nimbly to perform stunts.

Gung hay fat choy!

Washington Square Park San Francisco CA

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Washington Square Park is located on the corner of Union and Columbus Streets. It’s a very popular place for both the locals, and the tourists.
San Francisco’s famous columnist Herb Caen (April 3, 1916 – February 1, 1997) once wrote of Washington Square: “…it’s heart is Washington Square, which isn’t’ on Washington Street, isn’t a square, and doesn’t contain a statue of Washington but of Benjamin Franklin.” The now central statue stands atop a (now closed) water fountain erected by Henry Cogswell, a crusader for temperance.

The view I chose for this shot is looking South toward Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 17-35mm @ 35mm, f/10, 1/200s, ISO 200 Aperture Priority

Waterfall Loop Trail

Waterfall Loop Trail, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004.

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This is Swanson Creek which is just one of several creeks that flows through Uvas Canyon.
Uvas Canyon County Park is located on the Eastern side of the Santa Cruz mountains.
I hiked up to Basin Falls which is about a mile from the parking lot. Along the way I stopped to look at several other waterfalls, and gazed at the ladybugs that are nesting there.

Gung hay fat choy!

2010 The Year of the Tiger.

I spent Sat. in San Francisco taking photos of Chinatown, and North Beach. Then headed over to Union Square early enough to get a spot almost dead center on Geary St. at the Powell intersection. The parade headed right toward me then turned the corner from Geary onto Powell.

These little girls were adorable. I love their costumes and colorful umbrellas.

It was a fun day.

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Horse Tail Fall Sunset

I got up at 2am on the 18th and left the house at 3:15Am to drive to Gilroy to meet-up with 4 other photographers.  At 4am we left Gilroy to meet-up with 2 other photographers in Mariposa,CA before heading into the Yosemite Valley where we would meet 5 more photographers from the north side of the Bay Area.

The trip revolved around a sunset shoot of Horse Tail Fall. The sun sets on Horse Tail Fall twice in 2010 for a few days in Feb. and again in Oct. The peak day for the best sunset was supposed to the 18th.

We shot all through the valley, had a picnic lunch at Bridalveil Fall, and well before sunset got to a spot to set up. Our spot was off  Southside Drive just past Cathedral Beach picnic grounds.

I had a lot of fun and met some pretty neat people. We left the valley about 7:30PM and stopped for dinner in Mariposa. I didn’t get home until after midnight on the 19th.  It was a 22 hour day filled with stunning views, and the company of fun, good people.

The light spot on the face of the mountain is the sun setting on Horse Tail Fall. The Fall wasn’t running very fast or full on this day.

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