Ring-necked Phesant

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

I spent a lovely morning out birding with friends Dali, and Rainey. The weather was great, cool, blue sky with big, puffy white clouds for just the right amount of diffusion, and not too many intruding citylife sounds.

We we went out with the hopes of finding Stilts, and Avocets with chicks or on nests, but found few Stilts, and only saw two or three Avocets. Overall there were very few shorebirds at all in either of the places we birded yesterday.

The morning wasn’t filled with disappointment though as we saw this Ring-necked Phesant pecking under and around this bush for breakfast, there were song birds out in abundance greeting the day with their morning songs, and Cliff Swallows swooping around the sky then heading back to their nests, two Humminging Birds vying for the best perch, showed us some entertaining postures, and even a Bumble Bee buzzing around collecting pollen.

It was also a great opporunity to really give my 300mm f4 lens a workout. I hadn’t really since getting it back from Nikon.

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