Plaque at Soldier Summit Jailhouse

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

Just in front of the Old Jailhouse in Soldier Summit, Utah is this plaque. It reads-

Soldier Summit
On Sept. 11, 1776, Two Franciscan priests Father Escalante, and Father Dominguez entered what is now the state of Utah, and several weeks later camped in a mountain pass. It is believed that the Fathers gave teh pass its first name. Calling it Grassy Pass.
The name was changed to Soldier Pass when Johnson’s army a Camp Floyd was ordered east in 1861.
About 40 officers and enlisted men from the southern states were given permission to leave the US Army and go south to join the Confederate Army. They arrived at Grassy Pass in a blizzard. Six or seven men and a fourteen year old boy were frozen to death and were buried by a spring near the summit of the pass. The Rio Grande Railroad Company in 1880 named the pass Soldier Summit in its first time table.
~Castle Valley Center-Handicapped School. Nov. 1, 1990
For additional History on Soldier Summit go here:

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