View of Moffet Field, Mt. View, and Sunnyvale No.

Copyright © Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

I rose at 3AM to meet some members of my Night Photography Group at Peak Trail in East Bay Regional Park Dist. to hike up to Mission Peak.
I and one other hiker did this hike this morning. We met at 4:30AM and walked about 15 mins to the trailhead.
This is was an arduous climb for me. My legs are still tired from Sundays’s 9.4 mile out to Tomales Point and back. I made it to the top! After two previous hikes up that fell 500ft short I’ve finally made it!

The climb- The trail starts at 500ft and the top is at 2,517ft. A 2,100 foot ascent. It’s 3.4 miles from bottom to the top. Pretty STEEP!
The trail traverses rocky loose soil, rutted, dusty, and rocky soil, wooded areas, you may run into cows that roam freely through the park on or near the trail, and open areas with strong winds, and gusts. Today at the top the wind was blowing pretty hard WNW 10-20 MPH.

The fog was low and the Summit was shrouded in it. We could not see the sunrise, or the city lights below. I took a few photographs of me at the pole, and of the Summit elevation marker. You can see how bundled up a I am; I was cold. The wind is whipping around my pack straps. I had 3 layers of clothes on top and two on the bottom and hand warmers in my gloves.

We didn’t stay up any longer than to take a few photos then we started out descent.

It took me 2h5m to reach the summit and about half that to get down.
BTW- I think Rutted, Dusty, and Rocky would be an excellent name for a Grunge Band!

I traveled up here really light this morning. Only taking the 18-200mmVR w/one spare battery, my ND Grads, tool kit, rain gear for me and the camera, water, and tripod.

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